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New article on Harpers Ferry 1855 rifles. see below

Due to declining health issues it's getting more difficult to ship longarms as I get older. Feel free to make offers on any firearms.
I will be posting more longarms in my collection in the next 3 or 4 months. I will still be handling Civil War weapons that are lighter and easier to ship. Thanks for your past business.

Check to see if you're Model 1841 "Mississippi" Rifle is Factory Made, mixed during alteration or a parts gun.
  • Remington Miss. barrels are marked US over JH or JCB or ADK over P. Barrel flat is marked Steel with two cartouches opposite lock.
  • Robbins, Kendall & Lawrence Miss. barrels are marked US over JCB or NWP or JAG over P. Two cartouches opposite lock.
  • Robbins & Lawrence Miss. barrels are marked US over JH or JPC, JAG, JCB, LBC,GW, or SK over P. Two cartouches opposite lock.
  • Tryon Miss. barrels are marked US over JH or NWP over sunken P. Small US on barrel and buttplate. Two cartouches opposite lock.
  • Whitney Miss. barrels are marked US over SK, SM, GW, JH, JCB, JPC, or ADK over VP. Marked Steel on barrel flat. Two cartouches opposite lock. This is not to be confused with a small VP, eaglehead found on Harpers Ferry made rifles.
  • Harpers Ferry Miss. barrels are marked with a VP and eaglehead at rear of breech. PM over P, AW over P, WW over P all in small letters, No cartouches but JLR or JHK in block letters opposite lock.. Patchbox has three small router holes and no US on buttplate.
  • This information was given by Trevor Bovee and me after viewing over hundreds of Mississippi Rifles.
  • Patina and consistent wear is the key to all guns. Many Mississippi Rifles were mixed during arsenal alterations, some have Springfield musketoon locks in them since actual use. Snell mississippi rifles can have confederate modifications, etc. Experience is crutial. The more you handle, the more you will learn.
  • Get a minute, click here to see my article on --> "Harpers Ferry 1855 Rifles and their Variations." March 1987 issue of "The Gun Report" Box 111, Aledo, Ill.